Monday, November 12, 2012

The widow of Saunders Creek

I do believe in both angels and demons, but I also know that the demons flee at the name of Jesus.  I did enjoy this book, but it was unsettling.  I wanted to jump in and shout truth to this woman through out the entire book.  The basic storyline was good, and I think well thought out, about how different family members (and personalities) deal with loss and moving on after the death of a loved one. The demons in the book are what made it unsettling for me, the cultural heritage of witchcraft was disconcerting too.  In all, would I recommend the book, the truth is that I'm not sure. I wouldn't put the book in my church library,but that doesn't mean that it isn't well written.  There are people that would enjoy it, that it wouldn't upset. Go ahead, check it out yourself.
Thank you Waterbrook for providing me with a review copy. My opinions are my own.