Monday, April 25, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

It's time to try again! This week we have to get back on the eat at home band wagon.  Last week we did something we never, ever do.  We ate out twice, and even ordered pizza one time after about an expensive week!  That's ok though, we needed a break.  For everything there is a season, right?  We are also having some work done on the house and have two guys coming to present bids this week, on those nights I'm going to need something that can be taking care of itself while they are there, because I'm just not going to feel like doing anything when they're done (that's what happened last week).  So, here's the plan...

Monday - Easy Lasagna - I have a simple lasagna in the freezer, so I'll make it tonight with some bread and green beans.
Tuesday - Hawaiian Chicken (crockpot) - I'm not sure what to serve with this yet....any ideas?
Wednesday - Church
Thursday - Lemon Pepper Chicken
Friday - Family Night
Saturday - Chicken Tenderloins w/ mushrooms, rice, peas
Sunday - Spaghetti
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blogging for Books - INDIVISIBLE by Kristin Heitzman

This month I read Indivisible by Kristen Heitzman for "Blogging for Books."  I had heard of Heitzman before, but had never read anything by her. I think after this I will have to try some more out.  The books centers around a small colorado town and the characters who live there.  It is a suspense or thriller type of novel that all starts with finding two racoons that have been sewn together.  Who would do such a thing, and will they escalate to crimes that will involve humans?  Police Chief Jonah Westfall is on the job, but he is also trying to rid himself of his own demons.  Each character was multi-dimensional and interesting (although some  you just want to smack over the head and tell them to get a life and talk to the others).  Beyond the search for the culprit of the crime the author takes the time to introduce you to several characters and what is going on in their lives.  There is of course a good romance (or two) involved, but also the story of community and loyalty.  I really enjoyed it. 
You can read the first chapter for free and find the book here or here.
You can follow Kristin Heitzman online at
Thanks to WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for providing a free copy of this book for me to review. My Opinions are my own.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Booking it!

This month the "assigned reading" was Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day.  I liked it, but didn't love it.  I tried a few types of bread, and they were good, but not great.  It also was a little frustrating to have to start bread the day before I needed it, and still have to remember to get it out in time to rest and cook.  I think I prefer my bread machine.  It still takes me near 3 hrs, but I think I am just comfortable with that time frame at this point. :)

I read Dragons of the Valley by Donita K. Paul for blogging for books and loved it.  You can check out my review by clicking on that link.

I also got to read the The Divvies Bakery Cookbook it's an allergen free cookbook.  My daughter has a friend who is severly allergic to Eggs, Milk, and Nuts and so I've been more interested in finding ways to cook without those things.  I loved the book.  It was well written, and the stuff tastes good!  If you have an allergy sufferer in your circle, this is worth the money! 

I have a couple of books that I have started this month, but haven't had a chance to finish yet, but I've had a lot more time to read this month.  Hopefully next month I'll have a lot to share.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Menu Plan 11-11

It's a new week!   Our grocery budget is beyond tight this week.  - We'll have to do with what is in the fridge/freezer/pantry.  I did stop by the store and get 2 gallons of milk (we only have 2 milk drinkers here, but they cruise through milk!) one pack of chicken breasts (on sale for $1.99 - if I had more money I would have bought more) and shrimp (shrimp has been requested a lot lately, and if I am going to get the rest of this food into my family I am going have to make some sacrifices - the shrimp was on sale also - and I can make the 2lb bag into 4 meals.).

Oatmeal - We use the giant canister and add powderd milk, cinnamon, brownsugar and sometimes fruit :)
Baked Oatmeal

PB&J (or PB & Honey)

Sunday - Easy Lasagna this is actually not the recipe that I made last night, but really close.  I mixed my noodles, cream cheese, sour cream and beef together.  I did a sauce layer and a noodle layer repeated until my dish was full then topped with mozerella baked at 350 covered 45 minutes and then uncovered for another 10 minutes - it also froze really well. 

Monday - Shrimp Alfredo

Tuesday -  Popcorn Chicken, veggies, bread

Wednesday - Church

Thursday - Family Night

Friday - Spaghetti (or possibly Tacos)

Saturday - Shrimp and Grits - maybe - I have been craving this meal, but it isn't my husband's favorite, if I have to switch things around I will.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Menu Plan

It's again that time of the week.  Time to take stock of what we have at home, and what we need from the store.  Time to plan for another week of cooking. 

For Breakfast:
Baked Oatmeal

Sandwhiches - Dad is home this week, so I actually bought lunch meat. :)
Peanut Butter and Apples

Dinner Plan
Sunday - Hamburgers - After my hobo dinners last week my husband decided if that was what we were having he'd rather have it on a bun, and once he started thinking about burgers he was not to be dissuaded, so burgers it was.  We just broiled our burgers with a bit of montreal seasoning and season salt.  I went to the farmers market last week, so we had tomatoes that actually tasted like tomatoes, lettuce and all the fixings. Yum!

Monday - Shrimp Alfredo and peas

Tuesday - Spaghetti

Wednesday - Church

Thursday - SeaWorld

Friday - Family Night

Saturday - Easy Lasagna Casserole - This isn't exactly how I make mine (mine also has sour cream) but it is close enough that you can get the idea.  :)

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Blogging for books - Dragons of the Valley by Donita K. Paul

Donita K. Paul is quickly becoming a favorite author of mine.  I had never heard of Paul before I started Blogging for Books, but I have loved every minute getting to know her.  Dragons of the Valley was great, I wish I had realized when I started reading that it was part of a series, because I had a hard time getting into at first (I had a lot of characters to keep straight in my head). 

This is a story has everything fantasy lovers will enjoy.  Princess, prince, reluctant hero, not to mention wizards, dragons and even Kimen (these guys are cool!).  The land of Chiril is on the brink of war and this band of heroes has to keep a treasure safe and learn how to defend themselves.  I love the way spiritual truths are interwoven in the story.  Like CS Lewis used the land of Narnia and Aslan to teach spiritual truths Paul uses Chiril and Wulder to do the same. 

Once I figured out the characters I really enjoyed the book.  If you are interested in purchasing the book you can find it here or here.

Thanks to WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for providing a free copy of this book for me to review. My Opinions are my own.