Monday, March 5, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

I am just not feeling well this morning.  Yesterday the day spent curled on the couch, so I am hopeful that there will be some recovery today.  That being said I am pretty sure that my menu plan won't go as planned, but I do have a couple pounds of ground beef in the freezer which tends to be my go to for a quick meal if I go off plan.  Yesterday my husband went and got us pizza so he and my daughter wouldn't starve, but I think I'm up to actually cooking today. 
So...barring is the plan...
Monday - Baked Chicken (I have a lot of chicken quarters I'll just salt and pepper them and bake them), rice, and green beans
Tuesday - Chicken Pot Pie (I'll use the leftovers from yesterday and put together a quick pot pie)
Wednesday - Church
Thursday - Cowboy Dinner
Friday - Family Night
Saturday -Beef Stew (We have leftover roast and veggies, I'll just add water and carrots and see what happens) over rice
Sunday - Date Night
Monday- Taco Pasta

Hopefully this is enought to get us through :)
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