Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beverly Lewis and her most recent Amish romance.

Amelia takes a wrong turn in the middle of a rainstorm and ends up stuck on a small road with nothing nearby except a small cabin with a young Amish man inside. Luckliy God doesn't make wrong turns. I love to read fiction that stars the Amish people, and Beverly Lewis is a favorite of mine. I don't know her entire relationship with "The People" but she writes like she knows them well. This book, The Fiddler, was great. It drew you in from minute one. Lewis did a wonderful job of drawing parallels in the lives of the two main characters, one english, and the other Amish. They both had to decide what they wanted in their lives, and whose standard they were going to live by. I love that they both choose to follow God, and not necessarily what their Fathers had planned for them, but that they both chose to honor their parents even when they disagreed even if they didn't do exactly as their parents had planned. The fiddling in the book was so well described that I could almost hear the fiddle opening up for Tim McGraw, the violin on center stage, and the peaceful playing in the middle of the field. Both Michael and Amelia had to decide where they were going in life, and how they were going to get there without hurting their families. Amazingly well written story and delightful tale.

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