Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tidewater Inn and Rosemary Cottage ~ Two Book Reviews

My brother loves to find books for me on birthdays and Christmas, and I have no idea what criteria he uses to choose them, but he has done a great job of selecting them.  I had never heard of Colleen Coble before my birthday this year, but he did again.  She was Excellent!  In fact, I enjoyed Tidewater Inn so much that I immediately got on our library's website and placed holds on more of her books.

Tidewater Inn was interesting.  I have to confess I was as drawn in by the idea of Hope Island as I was by the actual book plot line.  The description of this island, only accessible by boat, with a small community that lives there year long, and a limited tourist population, made me want to visit.  The story was great too, how will the kidnapped friend be found (and will she be dead, or alive), and how will the everyday problems of family, and relationships be resolved.

Rosemary Cottage is still on Hope Island, and a lot of the characters from Tidewater Inn resurface, but the main characters are pretty new to the reader.  Ben was introduced in Tidewater Inn, but we get to know him here, as well as meet some new characters.  This story involves investigating the deaths of two different people, and all the drama that comes stems from that.  I enjoyed it, it moved well and I was surprised by the ending, which is amazing in this type of novel.  Way to go Ms. Coble  This was great!

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