Friday, August 14, 2009

Dependant on Cell Phone Technology?

Every time I hear about how Americans are addicted to their mobile technology I pat myself on the back and think "you, my dear, are one of the few who are not." Now, fast forward a few days, I throw my cell phone in the tub and realize I am a little bit more addicted than I thought I was! Have you ever stopped to think how many times you call someone and the only place you have their number is in your phone. As a teen I knew all of my friends phone numbers by heart, now I was hardpressed to remember numbers of family members that I talk to every day. It was ridiculous the lengths I would go through to talk to people, especially people that were long distance. Since we have cell phones we don't have long distance on our home line, so I would facebook, or e-mail, or call someone local and have the long distance friend call me back on my line. The other thing about not having a cell phone is that you cannot call someone once you have left the house, so you better be at the assigned meeting place at the right time, or they just might leave (or be so worried that they start working out a plan of who to call first to report you missing). Who knew I had been so dependent on such a fragile piece of technology! So here is my confession, I am at least addicted the ease of the digital phone book, the convience of being able to call someone wherever I am, and making inexpensive phone calls to friends around the globe, but I can survive without my cell phone at least for a few days. I am proud of the survival, but I am beyond greatful that last night I managed to retrieve an old phone from my mom which my loving husband has gotten up and working for me already. Yay for communication!