Friday, August 7, 2009

Processed or not?

I am finding that as I have more time at home I am more inclined now to make things from scratch than I was in the past. There are multiple reasons for this 1) it is often cheaper, 2) now that I have more of the staples on hand once I run out of the mix for something it is less time consuming to gather the ingredients than to run to the store and buy a new mix, and 3) I am finding more and more about mixes and processed foods that are just not good for our bodies. Today we ran out of pancake mix and I was all ready to run to the store and get more and my husband says to me, "I'm sure there is a recipe on the web for pancakes, why don't you try making that from scratch." It seems I have won a convert. So, we'll try the pancakes out and let you know how it goes, meanwhile if you have a good recipe for pancakes, let me know!

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