Sunday, December 6, 2009

Menu Planning

I have never been one to plan in advance for meals, but then it gets to be 5 o'clock and I ask my husband what he wants and he says he doesn't know and goes downhill from there. So for the last two weeks we have planned a week in advance, we don't always stick to it, but it is working out great! We have had peaceful evenings. I have been able to prep in advance and thus no craziness before dinner, hubby happy, toddler happy, all this makes mommy very happy! Since we started doing this I started googling and found and her menu planning monday, and we decided to join in on the fun.

Here is our menu for the week.

- Cereal
- leftovers
- BLT's
- Ham and Cheese
- Grilled Cheese
- Chicken Pot Pie
- Lasagna
- Tacos
- Spaghetti
- Crock pot Chicken
- Mushroom onion chicken