Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Will My Family Starve This Week (Another Failed Recipe attempt)?

Ugh! I want to love $5 dinners, but nothing I have made has tasted great. We tried again tonight, but another night, another failed recipe. This was a vegetarian meal, so I didn’t even try it out on my husband, but my daughter was sobbing throughout the meal (so NOT like her at all). Ever time she took a bite she would look at me and start crying again. I eventually gave up and gave her leftovers from lunch (and of course cakeJ ). I ate my portion, and I guess I’ll be eating it again for lunch, because I can’t stand waste, but I am not looking forward to lunch tomorrow. This meal was the gnocchi meal, and it wasn’t awful, it just didn’t have a whole lot of taste. Maybe if I added something to it it would pass, but I don’t plan on making it again. Sorry guys. I’ll let you know if I find a winner.


  1. Wow! My heart hurts for you when I hear this. I wish I could see the recipies because I want to know what the problems are and I feel like if I could see them I might have an idea. Thinking of your toddler crying like that is just awful. Can she have an extra cookie or something... just so I feel better? Hey, part of expermintation is the mistakes/failures/bad days. Wach one is one step closer to success, though. What you are doing is admirable and worth the time. You will figure it out!

  2. I'll show you the recipes sometime soon. This particular cookbook has been the one I have had trouble with this time. I (of course) have had failed attempts before, but it stinks to have two in a row.