Monday, May 31, 2010

Super Savings...or not.

I did ok this week as far as getting good deals on somethings, but I did a lot of shopping this week! At CVS I got hair ties B1G1 and did the $25 deal with PG products, so I got toilet paper (needed) and D cell batteries (also much needed) and I had a$1 coupon on the toilet paper (although I did find another one later that I could have used in addition to that) and a $5 off of $25 CVS coupon so $24 and change out of pocket, and I got $10 ECBs. Not a great deal this week, but it will probably net me free diapers in a week or so. I guess I consided this a "buy in" week. I don't particularly use anything else that they have on sale this week, so I'll just carry it over to another week.
Now Publix I went in with a plan, unfortunately I haven't yet built enough stock up that I can just buy ahead, so I ended up spending $98 and change, I did save $50.17. I scored some great deals (Free Razors plus $.50 overage and some other great buys) but I need to work on watching the total. I am finding that even though I primarily drink water, that Gatorade and milk puts a significant dent in my budget! This week I spent almost $15 on just those two items and I also bought Tide so there is another $9.99 (it was a 64 load bottle, I usually try to get it a little bit cheaper, but it is pretty near my buy price).

Oh well, live and learn....and maybe shop with a calculator. :)

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