Sunday, March 20, 2011

CVS - The Drugstore Game

I haven't been playing the drugstore game like I have in the past, but this week I decided to get back to it.  It was a decent week to try it again.  I am a complete and total toilet paper snob, so I do try to look for deals on Charmin, but am completely willing to pay full price when necessary.  This week they had a proctor and Gamble deal that included charmin - I got 3 of those packs for $30 (not a phenomenal price) but did get back $10 ecbs.  Then I bought hand soap and Tena pads (I have an older friend that will be thankful to get them) and used the $10 ecbs and a $2.50 coupon from the pads and $.35 for the soap.  I ended up paying a little over $3 for that and got back $3 from the soap and $9.99 from the pads.  Then I bought from their baby deal $20 on pampers (have a baby shower to go to next week) and $5 for 2 packs of wipes.  I had a coupon for the pampers -$2 and then the ecbs $3 and $9.99.  So I paid about $10 for all of that and got $10 ecbs for next week.  So in all I spent $43 (a lot for one week) but I got a lot that I needed.  We'll see how next week goes.

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