Monday, October 3, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I have been a slacker for the last few weeks, I have totally missed posting my menu plans and even have avoided some of the more fun posts like Kitchen Extras, Freezer cooking, or even any of my reading posts - I read a lot of great stuff, but I'm so far behind in that (my real life took over - and it's all good) that I will just have to start over again with what I am reading now. :) This week we have a great plan - Sunday - Chicken Tortilla Soup (neighbor's providing) and grilled cheese Monday - Steak (again my neighbor is cooking - she likes to cook, and I like to eat!) I'll bring a salad - a good spring mix with some pecans and cheese in it. Yum! Tuesday - Ground Beef Green Bean Skillet Wednesday - Church Thursday - Hawaiian Crockpot Chicken Friday - Family Night Saturday - Poppy Seed Chicken For more great menu ideas check you have a great week guys, and here's to a great week.

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