Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kitchen Extras - Mini Freezer cook

Yesterday I tried (tried being the operative word) to get a little bit ahead of the game.  The plan was to get a lot of things done, but very little actually got done.  By the time I got going I only had time to get 1 lasagna, a batch of butterhorns, and attempt some cocoa cookies.

The lasagna went great - but I only had the stuff to make one and we promptly ate that for dinner :)

I made a batch of butterhorns - we ate 8 of the 32 for dinner.

Then I made cookies, I made a double batch, but I forgot to add the double batch of flour - made for some tortilla style cookies :)  My daughter thought that she was waking up from her nap to brownies.  They tasted ok, but next time I'll make sure I have the flour.  :)

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