Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Lasagna Recipe!

I did get together my meal plan on Monday, but forgot to post it. Oh well. No way we are sticking to it anyways this week has already thrown us a ton of curves.
The best news is that I ended up trying a new lasagna recipe to take to a friend who's son is in the hospital (and has been since december - please pray for them). You can find the recipe here. It uses cream cheese instead of ricotta, but it is amazing. I wasn't sure about the switch at first, but yummy! All are agreed at my house. I ended up using the leftover bits to make a mock manicotti that we enjoyed on Tuesday, and now that it is Wednesday all of our plans are up in the air. My toddler has been throwing up all afternoon, so I won't be getting into the kitchen tonight. My amazing husband did go by the store and pick up fried chicken so that at least he and I could eat. I'm not sure what the plan will be Thursday and Friday, because we will need to eat a more bland version then we usually do if my girl is up to eating at all. So pray for us, and all of our health. I would rather not get the virus my toddler has and of course I want her on the way to a quick recovery.

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