Saturday, March 20, 2010

The things they say...

My father-in-law has a fun tradition with his grandchildren that he has been teaching them since they were old enough to have pockets in their clothing. When he pays a bill at a restraunt he keeps out a few extra ones and asks them all if anyone has pockets. All pocketed grandchildren respond by running to him and having each pocket filled with a one dollar bill. My daughter is only 20 months old and speaks only in one word sentences and I really didn't think she knew what was going on. I figured she only participated because her older cousins made it look cool. Today I was quite amused to find out that she pays more attention that she has been letting on. We went to dinner today just our family and Pop, Nana, and 1 Uncle, no other grandchildren. Our girl did great during dinner, she ate well, she talked in a quiet voice, she laughed at her crazy uncle, and was generally fun to be around. Near the end of dinner Pop was getting ready to pay the bill and our girl was starting to get squirmy, then she saw the money. She stopped squirming immediately and looked up at Pop and said (and quite clearly I might add) "Pocket!" It was hysterical. She started feeling all around her pants (which did not have pockets, by the way) and repeating it to him over and over...Oh my... have we created a monster? He laughed and we all followed suit. He gave her the dollar (which she tried to tuck into her pocketless pants) and the tradition continues. :)

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