Monday, March 29, 2010

Shopping Day!

I am so proud of my shopping day today! I managed to make it out of publix for $40.60 and that included buying dish washer soap and toilet paper! I knew that I didn't need a lot of food this week, only one dinner that we are having required that I buy main dish type ingredients so I set myself a goal of going in for less than $50 (including the afore mentioned dish washer soap and TP). Since our Publix does not double coupons (nor do any of our local grocery stores) we do not get to do any of those amazing deals that we see on other blogs, but they do accept both a manufacturer and store coupon on the same item, and today I made great use of that! We had a -$1 manufacturer and the same for store for TP and we had a -$1 m and -$.75 store for cascade, and if we bought both of those items we had a free publix bag. Then on top of that we were able to get the cascade on sale! That meant that the cascade was $3.99-$1-$.75=$2.24! woo hoo! We also found that the cereals were on sale, our cheerios, buy 1 get 1 ($3.99 so basically $2 a box...too bad I messed up when trying to print coupons it would have been less). Then the Raisin Bran was on sale and there was tear pad that was for free eggs if you bought 2 kellogs cereals. We had a free coupon for animal crackers and the spaghetti sauce was buy 1 get 1. The only things we paid full price for were the bag of ravioli ($3.34) and the apples ($1.79 lb). So great day shopping, even with my crazy toddler in tow.

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