Friday, March 19, 2010

Frugal Friday

How can I save money and still hang out with friends and family? I love eating with friends and family, but going to a restraunt can be a pricey trip for us. This week I think I figured it out! I convince my friends and family to come eat at my house! Last night dinner with 2 of my sisters-in-law and 3 of our children cost me a grand total of about $6. I found chicken on sale (6 leg/thighs) for $2.53, ingredients for some yeast rolls probably totalled $.45, a bag of salad for $2.50 and salad dressing to season the chicken and put on our salad probably around $1. One sister-in-law brought the green beans and "fun stuff" for the salad, and the other brought (her own) birthday cake. We did not make her bring her own cake I promise, her daughter wanted to help make the birthday cake. The night was definitely less expensive than a restraunt and with our crazy band of children being where they could run and play was definitely an advantage for all. There is a little bit of effort involved in the prep and the clean up (especially where children are involved) but hands down this is way more exciting than sitting at home by myself while my friends go hang out in a restraunt together. :)

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