Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Audio Book Review - Ashes Ashes

 A while ago I was given a copy of an audio book to review for Oasis.  The book was Ashes, Ashes.  The idea was an interesting one to me, horrible, awful things happen to the world and most of the human population is wiped out. How do the ones that are left survive.  While I enjoyed the book on some level I found it to be slow at the beginning, and then as soon as it really got started I could pretty much predict the end. The caveat here is that the book was written for teenagers, maybe they wouldn't have found it to be as predictable as I did.  The book was an interesting concept for sure and written about a scenario that I hadn't thought much about.  What would we do if there was a major pandemic?  Would we as a society handle things the way that they did in the book?  Would I try to survive on my own, or would I look for a group of people to share the burden with?  The book does give food for thought.  If you enjoy asking yourself questions like that, and end of the world dramas this may be the book for you. 

The audio was well put together, I liked the narrator and it moved along at a reasonable pace and was pleaslant to listen to. The breaks for the CDs were at chapter breaks and were at good points in the book which made it easy to  listen through breaks.  The music that signaled the switch always  surprised me, but I  don't think that's because it  was a poor music choice, I think I was already jumpy because of the subject matter. I think that it was a well designed audio file with a book that I found somewhat predictable, but still interesting.

Thanks to Oasis for providing me with a review copy.  My thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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