Monday, December 12, 2011

Booking it!

I just haven't been doing a great job about posting my reading for booking it this year, and part of that is because my computer hasn't been working quite right, but most of it is because I have been lazy.  This month I read a lot, and found most of it enjoyable.  I came home from the library with a stack of books and I have been working my way through them one book at at time.  I  had chance to review two books for Waterbrook Press and one audio book for oasis and the review for those are linked in their titles below.
I also read these books by Thomas Kinkaide and Katherine Spencer
The Wedding Promise - The wonderful story of a young couple going through the wonder and hurt of building a life together, woven together with the story of the woman that runs the inn they want to be married at.
A Christmas to Remember - Jump in between a present day Christmas season and a 1950s romance @ Christmas - It gave a lot of depth to the Lillian Warwick character if you have read any of the Cape Light Books
A Christmas Visitor- Kinkaide and Spencer are masters at various story lines being woven into one book, and I think this is my favorite one of the series.  All story lines were equally interesting to me and it felt as though I were just talking to neighbors to hear what was going on in each story.  It didn't feel jumpy to me, I thoroughly enjoyed each line. 
I am Currently reading A Christmas Angel and am loving it. 
Obviously I needed some Christmas reading this month:)  I enjoy reading Christmas centered stories and it helps me get in the mood for the season. 

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  1. Sounds like fun, Christmasy reading! Thanks for booking it with us.