Thursday, January 12, 2012

Booking It January 2012

I love to read, and I have loved Booking It, because it  not only reminds me to take time to read, but also makes me a least sit back for a few moments and think about what I have read.  This month (and over Christmas) I read a few books, but I have a couple in progress right now that I can't wait to tell you more about next month. 

Naturally Skinny: 100 Organic Recipes under 350 Calories
 This was a cookbook - there are some interesting recipes in it that I will try, but I was glad that I got the free kindle version - I'm not sure that I would use it often enough for it to pay for itself.  That being said, it is always nice to get another viewpoint on dinner, and this has great snack and breakfast recipes as well.  I'm sure it will see some use in the upcoming months. 

O Little Town
I love Christmas books.  I love the nostalgia, and even the craziness  and sadness of things not going the way it is expected to.  It took me awhile to get into this one because it jumps around from character to character at the beginning, I was sucked in as soon as I saw their lives intersecting, it just took me a moment toget there.  It showed fragile, imperfect people, trying to make it through life regardless of circumstance, and I loved it.  It was a story of forgiveness- Forgiveness both given and received. 

The Cheapskate's Guide to Grocery Savings
This was a very quick read.  There were a lot of suggestions to help cut grocery spending, and I felt like I already do most of them, however I can pass up a book of this title on the offchance that they may have one more trick up their sleeves.   It is also great to have a reminder of things that I should be doing to help keep down my costs - It's a great motivation to keep on keeping on - It is also FREE at amazon right now for your kindle if you want to check it out.

I also started a new bible reading plan this year and have actually stuck to it for 3 weeks - it helps that there is a built in day with no reading.  I've made it to Genesis 50 - now if I can just continue with that great pattern - I always get a lot out of it- It is God's word, and it will not return void - I just need His help to carry through with my good intention. :)

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  1. Visiting from Booking it...sounds like you have some great reading going!