Monday, January 14, 2013

Eating down the pantry. January 14, 2013

We are making it!  I have actually really enjoyed the pantry challenge. I'm making use of what I have in the freezer. Last nights meal was the one that was not thoroughly enjoyed. I baked some boneless, skinless chicken breasts w BBQ sauce and I ended up making them kind of dry. Boo!  I have found that I do much better w bone in cuts and I have also found that my family prefers dark meat. Today I read an article @ where she ground pork in her food processor. I think I can do the same w the remaining chicken I have. I think it'll be a lot easier to cook that way. I have a grocery trip planned for tomorrow, but I think I can make it out for cheap. We shall see. Keep up the good work. For more motivation check out goodcheapeats

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