Friday, February 15, 2013

More historical fiction!

Northern Lights Trilogy by Lisa Tawn Bergren

The Captain's Bride- 
It's the late 1800s and Elsa is marrying her love and moving to America.  To do so she'll have to leave almost everything she's ever known, but in return she gets to be with her love.  Can they survive the perils of the sea, a troubled sister, and a first mate with a crush?  

Deep Harbor - After the original group from Norway settled in America they went a lot of different directions, in Deep Harbor you will catch up with them all.  The Captain's Bride, the troubled sister, the first mate, and the scorned wife.  Each storyline will put you in a different part of the country and let you into the frontier life?  Will life be good again for these Norweigan transplants who are now completely American?  Can they each follow God and allow his love to seep through to them?  Can he change them?

Midnight Sun- The resolution to this series and a great look at the wild Alaskan frontier. They have survived immigration, cross country trips, and an adventure to Alaska.  Will what they find in Alaska change them?

I enjoyed these books, but if you read them, I would recommend the trilogy, because the loose strands at the end of each book would have driven me nuts.  The discovery of America in the late 1800s was fun and the characters were like able (or not, as they were meant to be).  

My only dislikes for the book are basic, and don't necessarily mean that you may not still love it.  I have a hard time reading anything that involves adultery, I prefer a more uplifting story line. Now, the subject was handled pretty well (although I would have liked even less detail in some parts so that I had no mental picture) and the consequences of the actions were well within the realm of reality.  This is really my only qualm with the books (and it wouldn't have been the same books without this particular story line). 

Thanks to Waterbrook Multanomah for providing me with a review copy.  My opinions are my own.  

You can get the trilogy here and read more about the author here

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