Monday, February 25, 2013

Booking It - 2013

Jessica Fisher @ Life As Mom hosts "Booking It" every month. I'm linking up with her, for more great suggestions for reading check out her reads, and the other link ups.

This month I got a lot read, and most were book reviews for books that had been piling up on my nightstand.
The one that wasn't from my review list was the first book in the Lineage of Grace series by Francine Rivers.  Unveiled is the story of Tamar. Rivers takes the biblical information that we know about Tamar, wife of Er (who is struck down by God), given in marriage to his brother (also struck down by God), eventual mother of twin boys, and fleshes out the story for us. What people may have thought or done. What it may have been like to live at this time with these people. The story is a good one and it does make me wonder about all that probably did go on with this family. I started the next book in that series and am enjoying it as well.
I also read The Northern Lights trilogy. You can read my review here.   If you like historical fiction (specifically North American exploration and settlement)  you will probably enjoy this trio.  It has some descriptive passages that were too much for me, but overall I liked it.
The book that took me the longest to get through this time was Randy Alcorn's Deadline. The book was a lot of information. Sometimes I could fly through it. Other times the story dragged. Over all the story was good. Here is the detailed review.
I got a chance to read a new one in Tracie Peterson and Judith Millers new series. The book was To Honor and Trust. Check out the in depth detail here

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