Sunday, January 3, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

We have still been menu planning, but I haven't gotten them up on the web for the last week or so, so in the new year let's get back on track! I am going to try and keep to the pantry and freezer for most of this week.

Monday - Salsa Chicken (put frozen chicken breast and salsa in the crockpot...put a little cheddar cheese on when you serve it, and serve with rice...easy!)

Tuesday - Zesty Chicken Barbecue (more chicken in the crockpot, add barbecue sauce, a little Italian dressing...maybe a little something else) Serve on buns with a salad and another veggie.

Wednesday - Church

Thursday - Tacos or spaghetti (My husband will be wanting some beef by now I am sure) - prepare a hamburger casserole at the same time to serve on Sunday

Friday - Family night with In-laws

Saturday - Chicken Alfredo (make the alfredo with a touch of balsamic vinigarette... 3 cloves of garlic, cream cheese and chicken broth)

Sunday - Hamburger casserole

That should do it! Thanks for hosting menu plan monday and inspiring each of us to keep up with it.

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