Sunday, January 10, 2010

Planning to be Frugal!

Sometimes all my plans just don't seem to help life at all. I have been working on eating what we have here at the house since it seems like out in blog world several families are participating in the "eat from the pantry" challenge, but I also have continued to do some shopping, just trying to keep it absolutely minimal. Did great for the first part of the week, stopped by the store once for eggs and a few other essentials and got out the door for $11, unfortunately two days later I realized I needed laundry detergent and some other minor things and $40 later. :( Oh well...surely we will figure it out. I guess we will see what the meal plan for the week is later.

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  1. Hi! I am visiting from Org. Junkie's Meal Plan Monday site. I totally can relate with feeling great about leaving a store with having stayed within your budget... only for moments later when you get home realizing I missed half of my list!! Hoping you find what works for you and your family!