Saturday, September 25, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 9-26-10

Well, I did better on the plan last week, but I forgot to buy cheese when I went to the store. Let's just say that Lasagna did not happen that night :) I went back the next day and made my lasagnas, but they are just in the freezer now waiting to be eaten. I also started marinating my pork chops just in time to get a call from in-laws wanting us to eat with them, so they are all "snuggled up" in my freezer next to my lasagna. So, with that in mind :)

Sunday - Lasagna from the freezer
Monday - Pork Chops - In a great marinade - I'll post it later, rice, greenbeans, and maybe a salad
Tuesday - Chicken, rice, greenbeans - I haven't done the mushroom-onion chicken in awhile, so probably I'll do that.
Wednesday - Church
Thursday - Burritos
Friday - Family night
Saturday - Football night - pizza??

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