Monday, June 28, 2010

Menu Plan Monday June 28

I have a plan for this week, but I am prepared for it to be foiled. :) My DH is working crazy hours this week, so I have no idea when he will/ or will not be around for dinner, which could affect meal preparation and dining time. Hopefully this gives us a jumping off place at least.
Obviously I am a proponent of meal planning, I know it helps us stay on budget, and well fed, and FishMama @ agrees with me. Check out this post for the easiest way to start.

Monday - Mac and Cheese (We got a free one last week from one of our Kraft First Taste letters), Ham or Chicken (depending on sales), peas.
Tuesday - bbq chicken - in the crock pot!
Wednesday - Church
Thursday - Sloppy Joes - Freezer Recipe - already time to make more :)
Friday - Family Night
Saturday - Lasagna - Freezer
Sunday - 4th of July!
For more great plans check out

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