Saturday, July 3, 2010

A New Freezer Plan

I have a friend traveling to visit us in a few weeks, and she has volunteered to pitch in with freezer cooking, so I think I'll start working on a plan. This plan will probably more complicated than anything I normally do, because she is pretty great in the kitchen, and has a lot more knowledge and guts than I do when it comes to cooking.

I am going to start working on the plan now, and I'll add to it as I talk to my friend. :)

Penne Rustica - I love this dish at Macaroni Grill, so I think I'll try it at home. I saw this recipe at one of the menu swaps online.

Pesto - We are using my friends recipe, but here we saw that you could freeze it in muffin tins and then use it when you need it. Great Idea!

We'll probably make some more of Fishmama's Lasagna, because I don't know that I have ever done a freezer day without it...It is amazing if you haven't tried it yet.

I'll add to it later, but this is good start :)


Check out the comments and you will see my buddy for this adventure is super excited, (As am I) and I thought I should add her thoughts here so that I have it all in one place.

She requested Calzones, no problem, unless I allow them to leak out the filling again. (Did I confess that on the blog last time?)

Pizza Dough - I have a dough recipe I love, so I am pretty sure I can handle the one from our Pesto link

Baked Tomatos - I'll add the recipe later (or make my bud do it).

Lemon Blueberry Cake- again, a buddy recipe

Stawberry Upside Down Cake - more bud recipes

Dressing - Some Fancy, Schmancy Dressing- got have Sandy clue you in on that one as well :)

We have a few other things going on freezer day here.


  1. Seeing as I will have my big cooler (having brought food for my beach trip before I see you), I may pitch in some ingredients and take home some SMALL freezer portions as well. I am dying to find out more about your calzones! Also I love that pizza dough recipie on the site about the freezing pesto (and what she does with it) but dough scares me... Maybe with you I can do it? If we can find them cheap and ripe, baked tomatoes freeze well (a tomato at a time) as a great lunch for you when toddler has toddler food... full of spinach and such (promise not to burn it this time! :) The lasagna recipie is using cream cheese to make a "cheat" bechemel sauce. In lots of places in Italy they use that instead of riccota or along with it. It's a butter flour milk/creamy sauce(also therefore cheaper than ricotta). One of the mother sauces, actually. The Penne Rustica sounds awesome! I want some of that. I also just had THE BEST DRESSING ever here in Charelston at a place called five loaves. Basil, EVOO, Honey, Shallot, Vinegar, Stone ground Mustard all jugggshed up in a blender. It was SPECTACULAR!!!! I wonder if I could make that and freeze it in muffin tins.... THINKING! Oh and we are making lemon blueberry cake (K will love it) and strawberry upside down cake (the kids will love it)! Can't wait. Keep me posted on ideas. And I am not gutsy, just unaware I should be afraid, which is usually when there is lots of smoke!

  2. The cakes aren't for freezer. They are for immediate yum! Can't wait!

  3. you are crazy...but I love you anyways :)