Friday, August 20, 2010

Freezer Follow Up!

We had our freezer cooking day today and it went pretty great. Both of the kiddos (my 2 yr old and my bud's 7 wk old) did great, both napped for part of the time, watched a bit of Curious George, and "helped". The only thing that didn't get done was the Sticky Chicken, and that was completely my fault! I forgot to cook my bird the night before, so nothing to debone come cooking day. Here are the pics of a few projects, and a very full freezer. (I'm going to say I don't know where the banana muffins went...hmm...)

Cinnamon rolls, ready to go in the freezer!

Half of the Banana Crumb Muffins.

We had a ton of other things going, but I am not a food photographer by any means, so here is our stuffed freezer. It should keep us in food for a few weeks anyways :)

Let us know if you have any ideas for our next Freezer Cooking day!


  1. Where was the pesto? I know you made it a while back. Is it all gone? Did it freeze and thaw OK? Also, the cinanmon rolls. How did you freeze them? In a log like that? Details!

  2. What do you mean where is the pesto? It is on the next shelf down :) It froze and thawed really well, and I have made a huge dent in my supply, and since my SIL hasn't picked up hers yet I may make a dent in hers :)

    The Cinnamon Rolls I flash freeze (Lay them out on a tray and freeze until hard) and then pull them out and throw them all into a freezer bag. When I cook them I pull them out the night before and put them on the counter in whatever I will be cooking them in and cover them with a towel and then cook for about 20 mins when ready to eat. It works wonderfully!