Sunday, August 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 8-1-10

It's a new week and we are ready to set up for a week of meals. We will be missing DH at dinner for most of the week, so a lot of the meals we have planned are more simple than they would normally be, or "girl food." DD and I are looking forward to the "girl food."

Monday - Leftovers - I made pretty simple CHEESY CHICKEN PASTA last night that I enjoyed, but DH did not, so DD and I will finish it off Monday. Cook some rotini pasta and chicken (in separate pots!) When the chicken is mostly done add 1/2 cup chicken broth and simmer for 3 minutes or until chicken is done. Melt 2 oz low fat cream cheese and 1/2 cup mozerella into cheese mix. Meanwhile, a few minutes before the pasta is done throw in brocolli or frozen peas. When the pasta and veggies are done drain. Add pasta mix and chicken mix both into a casserole dish, or 8x8 dish and mix together. Throw another 1/2 c mozzerella and 2 T parm on top, and you have a pretty simple dish.

Tuesday - fun with friends - Homemade Pizza - This is my favorite dough recipe! These will be definite "girl pizzas" complete with pesto (thanks Sandy) from our freezer cooking day and other fresh veggies.

For dessert shortcake!

Wednesday - Church

Thursday - Grilled Cheese - Simple food!

Friday - Chicken Alfredo - I found an alfredo recipe that says its better than Olive Garden's, we shall see! I don't have the link right now, I will try to put it up later.

Saturday - Burritos - If you are a publix shopper these kits are on sale B1G1 thru Tuesday or Wednesday depending on your store's sales cycle. :)

Sunday - I know we will be eating out one of these nights, but I'm not sure which one, so whichever day gets bumped will be Sunday :)

Try menu planning this week! It makes it a lot easier (and cheaper) to grocery shop and makes it easier to get dinner on the table. For more great ideas check out!

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