Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I love swagbucks. When I first started it I wasn't sure about it, but now that it has earned me over $15 in amazon gift cards, I'm on board! When I first started using it I didn't really know how to make it work for me, because I do not ever download toolbars. Now I have it set as my home page, so it is the first thing that pops up, and I use it to navigate to whatever page I want to go to. For instance, one of my favorite sites is Money Saving Mom, so I would open up my home page and type it in the search bar instead of going straight there. I earn points all the time. I am also finding that I earn a lot of points just from having friends that I have referred to the site, so all this in an attempt to say, YOU SHOULD DO THIS TOO. If you sign up here I'll get points from you, and you can start earning your points and recruiting your friends too. As a bonus, right now if you sign up and use the code BackToSchool you should start off with 70 points, and if you start today or tomorrow (August 12, 2010) They are running a promotion all day tomorrow that will give 5 codes to add even more points.

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