Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A New Freezer Day!

********UPDATED - See the pics from our freezer day here!**********************
My cooking buddy is back. Her beautiful son is now 6 weeks old, and we are ready to attempt another cooking day, this time with 2 kids around :)

Here is our plan so far.

Sticky Chicken - We will try to do this ahead of time and just divide up the meat when we get together.

Stuffed Shells - I am a sucker for Italian, no Fishmama Lasagna this time, so this will have to do!

Banana Crumb Muffins - My baby girl (and her mom) goes crazy over all things bread, so we might have these around for a few mornings :)

French Dip - We'll do the meat on cooking day, and purchase the rolls when we are going to eat them, or when they go on sale and then we'll freeze them.

Johnny Marzetti - chicken and cheesy noodles, need I say more?

Country Captain Chicken - More for my crockpot!

Cinnamon Rolls - These are my favorite, because they are yummy, but still have the whole grain and the oats in them.

I may also make a batch of Baked Oatmeal, but my buddy says they'll pass on that one.

*** I went ahead and made my baked oatmeal, check it out!***

What do you think? Anyother exciting ideas for us. We'll let you know how it goes (and I will try my best to do pictures too.


  1. Hi I'm new to freezer cooking, I'm going to get brave and try it in Oct.
    On the Country Capt. Chicken did you put it in the crockpot and cook it then freeze, or did you get it all preped and put it in the bag and freeze it so its ready to go in the crockpot?
    I love the way you added the links to the recipes. It makes it really easy for this newby:) I'm open to any other tips or websites you think might help.

  2. I prepped everything so it will be ready to throw into the crockpot when I cook it. I haven't tried that one yet, but it does look good. My family did not love the Johnny Marzetti though. :( My favorite freezer cooking meal is by far the Lasagna. There is a link for a great lasagna in the freezer section of this blog.