Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bookin' IT! ~ My Version

I have been reading a lot recently, but haven't been so good at keeping up with what I have read.
I finished Better Off: Flipping the Switch on Technology - by Eric Brende and I loved it. It made me think a lot about how I use technology and how technology uses me. :) It really is a good read, but slow in some parts. Basic idea is this a MIT student and wife move to an Amish style community to see how things work for the families in the commmunity. It's really interesting to see how they use "labor saving devices" with out using electricity or technologies that we might use every day.

I started reading Amish Grace and so far it has been really interesting. It starts with the tragedy at Nickel Mines where the 5 amish girls were shot and killed at school and talks about the Amish community and how they forgive. I haven't finished it, but thus far it has been really interesting. It talks about how the Amish community's reaction to the gunman's family and how they reached out and helped them in their time of tragedy. I'll let you know later if it is worth the read

My for fun book this month was Stranded in Paradise by Laurie Copeland and it was fun! Think of everything that could possibly go wrong for someone and that is where you find our heroine 3 minutes into the book :). I love a good "easy read". Something that doesn't really make my mind work, but will amuse and entertain for awhile, and Christian fiction is where I usually go for that kind of book.

I read a few others, and I am still working on my "Bible in 90 days" idea. Ok, I am probably 120 days in and still in 2 Samuel, but I'm sure I will eventually get there. :)


  1. Sounds like some good reads- I will check them out sometime. LOL! I am finally finishing the one year Bible I bought a few years ago and I think you and I were reading together. I did not ever make it through but have been determined to finish this year. I have not been starting over each time I have tried to finish but starting where I left off so I spent a long time in June! LOL! I am actually only a day behind right now and think I may actually finish this time. Good luck with yours! Love you! Callie

  2. I saw somewhere they are making a movie of Amish Grace! Should be interesting.

  3. Callie - I was reading your comment and a little confused, because my computer marked you as Mo!, but don't worry, I figured it out. :) I'm doing ok, on finishing, but I wish that I was a little more consistent

    Shonda - They do have a movie out, I haven't seen it yet, but my name is on the list at the local library.

  4. What was the overall message of Better Off? That we should unplug? Curious. ;)

  5. @FishMama ~ Actually, no. I think the author was as surprised as I was about that. His point was just that if we are going to use technology we should look at all the way it affects us, in the immediate, and the future. Sometimes technology is just for the sake of technology and ends up creating more work for us in the long term. He was definitely pretty against technologies like video games, television, and media kinds of tech. He is pro car on a limited scale. It was interesting. :)